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Heat Pump and Building Services Engineers.

orenco energy is a leading engineering company specialising in Building Services Engineering and Sustainable Energy. Heating and Cooling our buildings currently accounts for 33% of Ireland’s Energy demand. 5% of this demand is currently met by Renewable Technologies. We aim to use existing mature technologies as well as proven Sustainable systems to save running costs, meet renewable obligations and reduce CO2 emissions.

Heat Pump Engineering

A Heat Pump is an electrically powered device that transfers heat from a colder area to a hotter area. As the lower temperature energy passes through the refrigeration process, its temperature is increased. Systems can be designed to tap the energy stored in the ground, air, groundwater or waste heat streams. These systems then upgrade this free energy to a usable temperature so that it can be used to heat residential and commercial buildings or industrial processes. Heat Pumps can also be used to provide cooling and heating at the same time.

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Mechanical Engineering

We provide the following Mechanical Engineering Services:

  • Building Services Design and Certification
  • HVAC Design
  • AHU Systems
  • Fuel Source Analysis
  • Soil and Wastes Design
  • Air Conditioning Design
  • Ventilation Design
  • Heating and Plumbing Systems
  • Energy Management/Conservation
  • CHP Plant Design

Electrical Engineering

We provide the following Electrical Engineering Services:

  • Electrical Building Services
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting Design
  • Fire Protection System
  • CCTV, Access Control and Security Systems
  • Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems
  • Data/Voice Communication Systems
  • Satellite & Audio/Visual Systems

Sustainable Energy

Our Sustainable Energy Services are:

  • Heat Pump Design
  • Heat Recovery Systems Design
  • Process Heat Recovery
  • Biomass Systems Design
  • District Heating Systems Design
  • CHP Design
  • Rainwater Harvesting/Grey Water Solutions
  • Solar Energy Systems Design
  • Wind Turbine Design


Contact Padraic O'Reilly on 087 7474440 or email him at padraicor@yahoo.com