How Heat Pumps Work


Heat pumps can harness free, renewable energy from nature or from waste heat streams. While there is a cost associated with harnessing this energy, a well designed system can deliver significant savings in operating costs when compared to conventional systems. For example, in providing space heating for a residential building, savings in excess of 60% are possible when compared to Kerosene or LPG.


  • Space Heating and Cooling
  • Sanitary Hot Water Heating
  • Drying Processes
  • Washing Processes
  • Process Heating and Cooling
  • Swimming Pool Water heating
  • Swimming Pool Hall De-humidification

Energy Sources

  • Ground Source from Horizontal Array or Closed-Loop Borehole
  • Water Source from pumped borehole
  • Outside Air
  • Humid Indoor Air – e.g. Factory environment or Swimming Pool Hall
  • Waste Heat flows in Food Processing, Industrial or Waste Water Facilities

Heat Pump Services from orenco energy

  • Identify if a heat pump is suitable for the client’s situation
  • Identify the solution that best matches the client’s requirements
  • Determine if the system is to be stand-alone or to have oil/gas assist
  • Select between ground source, air source or heat recovery
  • Match to a suitable heating or cooling distribution system
  • Provide a turn-key design, installation and maintenance service